A worldwide issue. What does this have to do with your lifestyle choices?

This subject matter is so fascinating, I'm forming a Hollywood movie out of it. I researched this for over 12 years, wrote a movie script, and made a little movie trailer to help sell the idea to investors. Did you know that it's estimated that within the next 10 years we will have no more useable fresh water? It will be worth more than oil. We are using up fresh water faster than nature can replenish it. Did you know it takes more water to raise a cow than it dos to float a battleship? Did you know the average consumer uses over 2000 gallons a day with their lifestyle choices and doesn't even know it? You need to watch not just the movie trailer- but also the "water facts" video. The movie is more than just about water... it seriously opens our eyes that our lifestyle choices has compromised the entire immune system of the human species. The writing is on the wall. Pay attention.

You'll notice I do things in a flashy Hollywood way. This is for a reason. It's the only way to get the attention of the saccharine clogged society with a 3 second attention span. You guys doing the right thing are a minority. Most people are not conscious. They have no clue. They just want a quick fix and comfort-based choices. You can't lecture them- that just pushes them away and alienates you. So I inspire them in a language they understand- entertainment. Sweeten the medicine.

Before we can do the right thing, we need to know what it is.
My job is to shed a light on things.

So enjoy the video, wish me luck on getting funding for this blockbuster.
Oh - and speaking of doing the right thing- remember- it's that time of year to clean out all that winter comfort food and toxic waste you've been creating by doing a cleanse, so get a detox kit now. Do it now before that sluggishness turns into sickness.

You DON'T want to end up like the people in this movie !!!


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