Does this sound familiar ? You feel like a victim and it's all someone else's fault ? How much longer can you stand this ? You keep asking "why me" and "why doesn't this other person understand me" or "how did I ever get myself in this situation". Reasons to get ANGRY. This list is endless. I'm sure you all have a perfectly valid reason why YOU should be blowing your top. I know. I know. I hear you.

The question is...
do you want to continue being miserable, or do you want to do something about it?

If you are addicted to unhappiness (many people are because they were programmed from childhood that's how to get attention), and you want to stand there with your arms crossed "being right" all the way to your grave, then be my guest. But if you want peace and happiness in your life, then read on.

First of all, life is a test. You will always be tested. We are in a big video game, in which we are always playing at the very level we can handle. If you become good at your game and you master level three, guess what,- you are bumped up to level four- where the monsters are bigger, there are more of them, and they come at you faster. Why don't we stress out while playing a video game? Because we know it's a game. Life is a game my friends. The minute you realize that, everything starts to change.

Here's a biggie. Why do some people not get bothered by anything, while others explode at the slightest insignificant thing? Do you really want to know? A huge reason is HEALTH. Everything is connected. If you are emotionally unhealthy, you will be physically unhealthy. If you are physically unclean and your body is inflamed, you will be mentally and emotionally unclean and inflamed. If your body is toxic... YOU are toxic. People who kill animals and eat them are more aggressive. People who eat dead unnatural toxic food become toxic and behave unnaturally and slowly start to die. If your body is at peace, YOU are at peace.

It doesn't matter if you are a million dollars in debt and your house is being repossessed. Some people freak out and can't think straight any more while screaming at their loved ones in a fit of rage... while others simply shrug their shoulders and sleep well at night. They know that maybe this is all happening for a reason and life is just making room for something better. What is the difference between these two types of people?

Health is huge. Your body is a physical manifestation of who you are energetically. You absolutely MUST be clean... in your body, your mind and your spirit. If you are eating dead pasty food and your liver, colon and kidneys are clogged, you will feel like crap. Nutrition can't enter your bloodstream and you feel weak, irritable and suffocated in life. There is a reason people say "You are full of shit!".
Probably because you really are. Literally. And when your face turns red and you start yelling, they say- "Don't give me your shit!" And you shouldn't. It's YOUR job to get rid of your own shit. You have no idea how right on the money this is. When someone tries to unload on me- I shove an enema bag in their hands and a gallon of water and I push them into the nearest bathroom and tell them not to come out until they got rid of their crap. I am not kidding. This is no joke. You won't believe how different that person is when they come back out. The bathroom smells so bad, it boggles the mind what kind of putrid filth was rotting inside that person. No wonder they felt like that. It's amazing they could even function.

It's normal for everyone to feel a moment of anger or frustration, but it should pass through us like water. If it lingers and someone is angry a lot, that tells me immediately they have a clogged liver. Always. The liver is the body's filter. All the crap you eat must get filtered through your liver. All the toxins from those plastic bottles, the chemicals in the water, the air and food... they all gum up our liver. I don't care how much raw food you eat, you are still breathing in jet fuel and drinking modern life. Stress makes the body acidic and creates toxic residue... which builds up in our liver. I guarantee you your liver needs cleaning. It's not a matter of IF your liver needs cleaning- but how badly. Have a look at how you feel.

Do you get angry and frustrated a lot?

Are you tired a lot?

Do you have trouble sleeping?

Are you depressed a lot ? Anxiety attacks ?

Your liver creates your body's energy supply- glucose. Aside from filtering everything you eat, the liver also...

stores B12 and IRON.

manufactures and stores vitamins A, B-12, D, E, K

makes amino acids, which become PROTEIN in your body

makes steroid and sex hormones

creates digestive fluids to digest foods breaks down fat (creates bile for gall bladder)

It removes cholesterol and harmful fats

kills bacteria and viruses

Cleaning your liver can not only save your life, but actually make you 10 years younger !

Now I know you have great reason to be upset about things. But is it worth ruining your relationship? Do you really want to lose one more night's sleep? Do you want to continue aging rapidly? Come on. Your country might not even exist next year. That paper money you hold in your hands might be worthless in a few months. Even if your house was paid off, it could accidentally burn down. Your loved one could unexpectedly vanish or be taken away by life. Stop right now. Stop the madness. Clear your body. Clear your mind. Look at the beauty you have in your life right now, this moment.
There are BILLIONS of people on this planet infinitely worse off than you. I beg you with tears in my eyes to see what you have right there in front of you right now. Even if it's just a little potted plant with one leaf... it has trusted you with it's very existence. Water it. Love it. Thank it for quietly being there for you every day. Every morning you awaken, be thankful you have been given a new day... where you are ultimately free to do anything you want - despite what you think. You can change your life RIGHT NOW.

Stop dying and start living. But do not throw out the baby with the bath water. There is love in your life right now. Clean out your body so you can think more clearly... so you can feel more peaceful... so you can take things more in stride.

You get back what you give out.
If you exude anger and frustration, you attract more of that in return. If you start seeing the good in your life... guess what- you START ATTRACTING more of it !

It all starts with you. Nobody can clean your shit out but you. And it starts inside you. Right now.



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